Our Corporate History

In Turkey, which is one of the oldest companies concerning its branch, our company was founded in 1956, has continued its work with the production of filters belong to various vehicle groups until 1975. With continuous investments for 20 years, by adding groups of products used in industry between production groups, with manufacturing products for machine tools, industrial plants and machines, it has had a broad customer base in multiple sectors.
In 1995, with its office established in İstanbul-Bayrampaşa, with direct customer-focused trade operations, our company has caught an expanding trade volume also in this area by generating solutions for specific system filtration needs of end users.
With its new branch opened in İstanbul-İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone in 2015, in addition to the items under its own manufacturing production group, it has put its product range over more than 10,000 varieties through its works on franchising, marketing, import and export of the brands well-known in our country and in the world related to its major.

Regarding many branches of industry; from the plastic/packaging to the jewelery sector, from the machine to the manufacturing sector, from the pharmaceutical industry to the agricultural sector, from the printing press to the food sector; our manufacturing has been proceeded to meet the requirements for various equipment and systems used in a wide range of areas such as machine tools, compressors, generators, painting booths, ventilation fittings, water treatment systems and energy conversion plants.
As for the transportation and automotive groups; all types of passenger vehicles including heavy equipment used in road transport, forklifts, construction excavation equipment, sea marine tools, railway vehicles and tractors; the manufacturing in particular, the sales, marketing, export, import, distribution activities for each of various kinds of filters belong to motorized vehicles are fulfilled.
With over half a century of experience and knowledge, FILTERMAK© has been serving to more than 10 industries and more than 1,500 customers as domestic and foreign related to its branch still including certain large private and public organizations of our country by the exporter ID owned.